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I Know They Are Not Looking At My Eyes – Desiree – Scoreland


Do guys she meets ever compliment Desiree about her blue eyes? Some don’t look that high up. “They do, but I know that they are not looking at my eyes. They are always looking at my boobs. I look at their faces, but they are not staring at my eyes. It gets kind of annoying sometimes when you are trying to have a conversation and a guy is talking to your tits.” Desiree weighed her tits when she was a teen. “I was 16. This is kind of embarrassing. There was a scale at my house, the kind you step on and I was just curious as to how much they weighed because my back was always hurting me. So I put the scale on a table and then I laid my boobs up on top of it, and they weighed five pounds. And I was a little smaller than I am now.”

Date: January 24, 2023